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Fishing Tools

Complete range of Fishing Tools for all kinds and sizes of Tubular Goods and cables are available, namely:


Designed to engage, pack-off, retrieve, and release various types of fish, overshots, the standard choice of all external catch fishing tools, are the most versatile and widely used fishing tool in the industry.

  • Motor Pump Overshots
  • Releasable Slip Overshots
  • Releasable Short Catch Overshots
  • Sucker Rod Overshots
  • Size range: 3 1/8-12 3/4 in
  • Thread connection: 2 3/8-6 5/8 in Reg, 2 3/8-2 7/8 inTBG, NC26-50.
  • Grapple gripping size: 2-11 1/4 in.


Positive engagement, easy release, and re-engagement are assured by the design of this rugged, dependable, and internal catch fishing tool.

  • Releasable and Circulation Spears
  • Spears Grapple

Size range: 2 3/8-20 in, Thread connection: 2 3/8 in IF-6 5/8 in Reg.

Overshots Releasable & circulation spears

Junk Baskets

Designed to remove all types of small junk objects from the hole, junk baskets utilizes the principle of reverse fluid circulation.

  • Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
  • Full-flow Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets

Fishing Magnets

Designed to retrieve small metal objects, such as milling shavings, bit cones, cutters, bearings, slips, tong pins, and hand tools from the bottom of the hole.

Reverse circulation junk baskets Fishing magnets

Junk Subs

A simple, yet efficient tool, it is used in milling or drilling operations typically too heavy to be circulated and interfere with efficient operations.

Fishing Jars

A straight-pull operated jar for fishing, testing, coring, reaming, light drilling side tracking, and workover operations.

Safety Joint

This product is designed for the safe dependable and quick release from drilling, fishing, tubing, washover, or testing strings should they become stuck.

Taper Taps & Die Collars

Simplest of all internal and external catch fishing tools.

Junk subs Safety joint Taper taps & Die collars