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Products & Services - Drilling & Workover Tools -Milling and Washover Tools

Milling and Washover Tools

Milling Tools

Hard-faced with sintered tungsten carbide and designed to cut away stuck fish that cannot be retrieved by conventional fishing methods.

  • Junk Mills
  • Piloted Mills
  • Rotary Shoes
Junk mills Piloted mills Rotary shoes

Workover Dressing Tools

  • Casing Patch Tools
  • Patches properly prepare pipe without restricting the bore of the casing or tubing, particularly suited for use in wells which contain fluids or gases harmful to rubber packers.
  • Pear-shape Casing Swages

Workover Cutters Tools

  • Hydraulic Internal or External Pipe Cutters
  • Mechanical Internal or External Pipe Cutters

Pear-shape casing swages Internal pipe cutters External pipe cutters