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Cementing Equipment

Complete line of Cementing Tools is available, such as:

Float Shoes & Collars

The float shoe has a back-pressure valve to prevent back flow. The float collars are used in a casing assembly, usually on the position of several joints above the float shoe.
Nominal size: 4 1/2-20 in, Capacity of back-pressure: 2 860 psi (20 MPa).

Float shoes and float collars

Stab-in Cementing Equipment

The stab-in cementing equipment is used for cement large-diameter casing. Mud or water for displacing cement slurry is greatly reduced and the cementing time is saved.

Casing Centralizers

The casing centralizers are made of spring steel in accordance with API 10D.

Stab-in cementing equipment Casing centralizers

Liner Hangers

The liner is mostly applied during and after liner cementing operation. For different types of hanging, the liners are divided into three categories: mechanical, hydraulic and mech-hydro. The liner hangers can be used for running casing, hanging, backing off washing the connecting liner and etc.

Stage Cementing

The ID of upper and lower sub is equal to that of casing, but smaller than that of closing sleeve, eliminating the possible damage to the closing sleeve during tripping or drilling out accessories.

All accessories are non- rotating and made of easily drillable materials.

Liner hangers Stage cementing

External Casing Packers

External casing packer is mainly used to isolate the formation during cementing in oil and gas well. It consists of outer rubber sleeve, inner rubber sleeve and metal lamination in the middle.

Cementing heads External casing packers

Cementing Heads

Cementing heads is a special tool for pumping cement and releasing plug in cementing operation. Three of cementing head are available: single plug casing cement head, double plug casing cement head and drill pipe cement head. Single plug casing cement head is used in conventional single plug cementing and stage cementing. Double plug casing cement head is used in conventional double plug cementing and also stage cementing. Drill pipe cement head is designed to use in drilling liner cementing. We can also design and manufacture special cement head as user's requirement.

Cementing Plugs

The cementing plugs including top plug and bottom plug are designed with non-rotation device. Size: 4-20 in.