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Downhole Drilling Tools


  • Integral Blade Stabilizer
  • According to the position of installation, this stabilizer may be divided into two types: Drilling String type and Near Bit type. This product is built with inserted hard alloy string in spiral ribs and characterized with high hardness, high toughness and wear resistance, as well as long services life
  • Sleeves Stabilizer.
  • Sleeves stabilizer has the functions of integral spiral stabilizer. It can be suitable for the well with different diameters by changing different bearing sleeves, and also can be extended the service life by replacing the same bearing sleeve.

Integral blade stabilizer Sleeves stabilizer

Drilling Jars

  • Mechanical Drilling Jar
  • This full mechanical drilling jar offers mechanical jarring in both directions. The load scope of the up jarring and the down jarring is so wide that it can be adjusted in maintenance station or in site according to the requirement. The special flexible extended shaft can cut down the flexural stress of the jar body efficiently, so it is the first selected drilling jar for vertical well, deep well, complicated well and directional well operations.
  • Hydraulic-mechanical Drilling Jar
  • Hydraulic- Mechanical drilling jar is a jarring and stuck releasing tool. It integrates the up jar and down jar impact and can release the stuck accident occurring during drilling operation.

Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Hydraulic shock absorber should be connected with the drilling string close to the bit. It can absorb or reduce axial vibration and thrust load of the drilling string.

Hydraulic-Mechanical drilling Jar Hydraulic shock absorber

Hole Openers

  • Drifted Diameter Gauge
  • Gauge for Tubing Drifted Diameter
  • Casing Scrapers

Drifted diameter gauge Gauge for tubing drifted diameter Casing scrapers

Drop-in Check Valves

  • Arrow-shaped Back Pressure Valve
  • Throw-type Back Pressure Valve

Drop-in check valves

Kelly Cocks

Working pressure: 10 000 psi (70 MPa), Nominal dimension: 2 1/2-6 in.

Float Subs

Float sub is a new-style drilling tool inside blowout prevent. During normal drilling, valve is opened and drilling fluid circulation is fluent. When kick or blowout happens, the valve cap will shut off in order to achieve blowout prevention.

Float subs

Downhole Motor

Diameter: 2 3/8-9 5/8 in, Pressure: 500-2 000 psi (3.5-14 MPa).

Downhole motor

Drilling String Crossover Subs

Drilling string crossover sub is suitable to the connected drilling string and the sub connections at the both ends are up to API standard.

Coring Tools

  • Conventional Coring Tools
  • Outside vent Coring Tools

Drilling string crossover sub Coring tools