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Oil Treatment System Equipment

Oil/Gas Field Surface Test and Metering Equipment Skid

Oil/Gas filed surface test and metering facility system is mainly used to measure yield, wellhead pressure, and physical property during temporary flow of production in the process of flowing well in the initial stage of oil/gas field exploration development so as to analyze oil reservoir.

Test Separator Skid

The test separator skid consists of test separator, control valves and relevant pressure/temperature/liquid level measurement instrument and data acquisition system. It is applied to separate oil/gas well production fluid into oil, gas and water and then to measure them.

Measurement Calibration Skid

The measurement calibration skid is used to calibrate oil/water flowmeter of test separated and calculate correction coefficient. When crude oil yield is so small that the flowmeter cannot measure, flow rate can be calculated by level gauge.
When the viscosity of crude is large, crude oil can be swerved to measuring tank and then is transferred by pump for load.

High Efficiency Specialized Separator for Oil/Gas Field

  • Light and Medium Oil High Efficiency Oil-gas-water Three-phase Separator
  • The major application of a separator is to separate the oil-gas-water mixture produced from oil well into three phases: purified oil, associated gas and qualified sewage.
  • Medium and Heavy Oil High Efficiency Oil-gas-water-sand Separator
  • The separator is mainly used to separate the thick and extra thick oil-gas-water-sand mixture produced from oil well into four phases: qualified thick oil and extra thick oil, associated gas, qualified sewage and sand. It can be applied at single well producing test site, metering station, oil transfer station, joint station, CEP platform and land terminal.

Oil-gas-water three-phase separator Boiler


  • Integral Phase Change Boiler (Heating Heater);
  • Split Phase Change Boilers;
  • Water Path Boiler;
  • Fuel Oil (gas) Steam (hot water) Boiler.

Heat Exchanger

  • Pipe Shell Heat Exchanger;
  • Floating Head Heat Exchanger;
  • U-shaped Pipe Heat Exchanger;
  • Fixed Pipe Plate Heat Exchanger.

Heat exchanger

Steam Injection Boiler Special for Oilfield

Oilfield steam injection boiler is a specially designed boiler for thick oil thermal recovery.

Electric Desalting and Dewatering Equipment

  • AC Desalting & Dewatering Equipment;
  • AC&DC Desalting and Dewatering Equipment;
  • High Speed Electric Desalting Equipment.

Electric desalting and dewatering equipment