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Gas Treatment System Equipment

Natural Gas Separation and Purification Equipment

The natural gas separation and purification product can be widely applied to natural gas gathering/transfer pipeline, natural gas gathering station, compressor station, pigging station, distribution station, final station and all the related fields.

Natural gas separation and purification equipment

High Efficient Cyclone Separator

The separator can be used to realize the following functions: remove dust in natural gas transfer pipe or dust contained gas, separate liquid/gas from natural transfer pipe and compressor station, separate liquid/gas or gas/solid from wet natural gas.

Natural Gas Filter/Filter Separator

Natural gas filter/filter separator separates fine liquid drop and solid particles from gas by using filter element, with high accuracy. The equipment is widely used in natural gas processing and gathering stations. The separator can be applied to remove dust and /or liquid of natural gas before regulation station and distribution station and to remove contaminant of compressor station inlet pipeline to avoid damage to compressor and abrasion of valve and cylinder.

TEG Dehydration Unit

The unit adopts TEG compound dissolvent to realize dehydration of natural gas.

High efficient cyclone separator Natural gas filter/filter separator

Compressor Unit

Oil-Tech can provide high efficiency energy-saving CNG compressor, D type high efficiency energy-saving CNG compressor, M type massive output CNG mother station compressor and CNG filling daughter station compressor.

Compressor unit