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Waste Water Treatment System Equipment

Walnut Filter

The walnut filter is used to treat oilfield waste water, petrochemical wastewater and other oily wastewater.

Double-medium Filter

The double-medium filter adopts two different filtrating media to intercept dirt and control the particle size according to different specific gravity and physical properties. It is used for the treatment of only water and fresh water for oilfields, docks, oil storage tanks and shipping.

Hung and Compressed Fiber Filter

The hung and compressed fiber filter has higher precision than other fiber filters. Its advantage is the quality of filtered water ensured by a special way of back wash. The filter is used for petroleum injection and industrial water supply.

Double-medium filter Hyperfine fiber filter Automatic backwash coarse filter

Hyperfine Fiber Filter

The filter is used for the injection of water for oilfields and filtration of solution for chemical industry. It has benefit of high precision of outlet water, convenient reproduction of medium backwash, and is suitable to the condition with rapid velocity and high precision.

Automatic Backwash Coarse Filter

With the advantages of high efficiency, small water consumption and pressure drop, during operation, can realize filtration and backwash at the same time, and is suitable for the removal of adhesive and changeable grains and fiber impurities in water specially. it is applied to the treatment of oily wastewater for oilfield and petrochemical industry.