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Chemicals for Cement Slurry

Oil-Tech can provide a wide variety of cement slurry additives and a series of cement slurries to meet customs' cementing needs.


Thinners, Suspending agents, Weighting material.


Medium-temp retarder (LANDY-62S, LANDY-63S), High-temp (H88), G64, G606, High-temp retarder (H98, BCR-300L), SMC.


SW-1, A-7, D-57, T90, S601, S604, CaCL2, KCL.

Fluid Loss Control Additives

Fluid loss additives (JSS, BCF-221L, G60-S, TD-S), Anti-loss circulation material (BCE-200S), Auxiliary anti-loss circulation material (BCE-210S).


Dispersants: FSS, CF40.


Defoamers: G603, Anti-foamer(d50), Carbowax, Organosilicone.

Weighting Material

Weighting Material: BCW-500S

Expanding Agents

Expanding Agents: BCP-200S, BXP-1S.

Foam Cement Additives

Foam Cement Additives: FCA, FCB, FCF, FCR.


Latex: BCT-800L

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor: LANDY-200

Strength Enhancers

Strength Enhancers: PZW-A, BXE-600S.