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Products & Services - Line Pipe & OCTG -Casing, Tubing and Associated Products

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Oil-Tech can offer all kinds of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and internal coating services.

Casing, Tubing and Associated Products

General Introduction

Product type:
  • Seamless casing and coupling
  • ERW casing
  • Seamless tubing and coupling
  • Anticorrosion casing and tubing
  • High collapse and high temperature casing
  • Premium thread connection casing and tubing
  • Pup-joint and crossover of casing and tubing

Casing and tubing coupling


API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5B, and other manufactures' specifications higher than API Spec.

Production capacity
(1)T=High-collapse casing, H=High quality tubing and casing for steam injection wells, SS3Cr=Economical CO2 / H2S resistant tubing and casing, S&SS=H2Scorrosion resistant tubing and casing, TS &TSS=High-collapse H2S corrosion resistant casing, 13Cr80 (95,110)=CO2 corrosion resistant tubing and casing, 145 (150)=Super high-strength tubing and casing;
(2)WSP=premium thread connection of WSP-series.

Process Flowchart of Casing and Tubing


API Products

Casing pipes are ordinarily produced with outside diameter sizes of 4 1/2-20 in (114.3-508 mm). Please refer to the table on the next page for details.
Parameters of seamless casing
Parameters of ERW casing
Notes: Non-API ERW casings available as clients' demand. Tubing pipes typically have diameters of 1.90-4 1/2 in (48.26-114.3 mm).
Parameters of tubing

Non-API Products

WSP-series tubing and casing are used under extreme conditions in harsh environments (such as deep wells, steam injection wells, and environments containing H2S and CO2 and geological conditions with high corrosion and stratum pressure). They are high quality value-added non-API products with advanced technology.

Parameters of non-API Products

Part of production line of casing and tubing

First fonverter smelting Refining furnace & Vacuum degassing
Continuous casting Billet rolling
Round billet cutting Billet heating
Piercing heating Retained mandrel mill
Reheating Stretch reducing and Sizing
Cooling Straightening
Cold drawn and Sizing NDT& Hydrostatic test
Marking & Coating Bounding & Acceptance storage