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Drilling Instrumentation

Mechanical Meters

Weight Indicator

Rotary Table Torque Meter

Tong Torque Meter


The sensors are installed at the corresponding places of the rig. The Data Acquisition Unit requires Device Net CAN bus,all sensors connect to the CAN bus and can be added as user needs.
It monitors hook load, rotary table RPM, rotary torque, pump SPM, pump pressure, mud return flow, depth ,ROP, mud pit/trip tank volume.

Drill Monitor (TFT LCD/Touch Screen)

The drill monitor is a world advanced intelligent explosion-proof drilling instrument, which is composed of built-in computer, TFT liquid crystal touch screen monitor, explosion-proof CAN BUS data transmission system and international standardized sensors.

  • Applicable to various hostile environment from -45℃~60℃;
  • Real-time monitor drilling, engineering, mud and gas parameters, which can be compatible with the parameter of MWD/LWD;
  • Predict engineering accidents, reducing drilling cost;
  • Real-time monitor toxic gases such as H2S and formation pressure change, improving the safety of drilling operation;
  • Real-time data storage, keeping the traceability of drilling operation;
  • Adopt WITS data transmission technology, realizing remote data transmission between well site and base camp;
  • Safe, explosion-proof, durable, easy installation and operation.

Drill monitor