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Oil-Tech can provide various perforators to meet the needs of different perforating tasks, including expandable perforators, high density big hole perforators, high density deep penetration perforators, strip perforators, thru tubing folding perforators, horizontal well perforators, high energy gas frac composite perforators, detonating cords, detonator, boosters, shaped cutters, puncture shaped charges and firing system.


Expandable Perforators

These perforators feature: deep penetration, regular perforation tunnel, low damage, no carrot and no damage to casing.

High Density Big Hole Perforators

These perforators have the following features: big entry hole, no damage, no carrot, no damage to casing and low perforation contamination. They can greatly improve productivity by reducing formation resistance to oil and gas flowing into well bore, increasing flow rate and decreasing pressure loss.

High Density Deep Penetration Perforators

These perforators are equipped with recoverable but non-reused charge holders and deep penetration charge with the shot density up to 12 SPF and phasing from 45°to 135° without damaging the casing.

Strip Perforators

These perforators feature with small volume, light weight and easy operation. They are mainly used for thru-tubing perforating in casing on wire line. They are not only used for perforating in slim hole, but also used to develop the potential in old well or deal with the engineering without rig.

Special Perforators

Thru-tubing folding perforators
Horizontal perforators
High energy gas frac composite perforators

Detonating Cords

Detonating cords have the features of normal, high, extra high temperature, low shrinkage and high velocity. The highest velocity reaches 7 760 m/s.