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Mud Logging Unit

CMS Mud Logging Unit

CMS, the data center of comprehensive interpretation and evaluation of oil & gas and reservoirs on-site while drilling, embraces advanced computer network technique, rapid hydrogen flame chromatographic technique (30s), explosion-proof CANBUS data transmission technique, accurate and reliable sensor technique, geochemical evaluation of rock samples, nuclear magnetic resonance analysis technique and quantitative fluorescence analysis technique.

The system can discover and evaluate hydrocarbon reservoirs rapidly, provide complete drilling engineering parameters and monitor toxic gases such as H2S, thus ensuring drilling safety, enhancing drilling efficiency and reducing operation cost.

CMS mud logging unit

CANBUS (Explosion-proof)

Advanced signal interface system-stable, fast and one CANBUS cable.

  • All sensors are connected to a CANBUS cable.
  • Convenient and rapid installation, debugging and maintenance.
  • Explosion-proof and safety operation on-sites.
  • Electromagnetic interference-resistance ability for digital communication, and transmission distance not less than 1 640ft.
  • Node-dysfunction auto-detection and CANBUS self-protection.

CMS software system

CMS is composed of data acquisition software package and data processing software package with Windows 2000 operation system. Adopting Client-Server mode, modularized design structure and SQL database, CMS features with flexible data operation, reliable running environment, and efficient data application.

Hydrogen Flame Chromatograph

Specialized on-site rapid gas analysis system - automatic, accurate and reliable.

Hydrogen flame chromatograph

  • Display on large TFT LCD and operation with touch screen.
  • Intellectualized control, auto-firing, auto-zero point calibration and automatic trouble shooting ability.
  • Various output interfaces such as serial port, parallel port, network, and recording instruments.
  • The storing time of data can be up to several months and the instrument can either run individually or be used on-line with computer.

Geochemical Evaluation Instrument

Based on integral design, geochemical evaluation instrument can accomplish analysis of thermal cracking and residual carbon through single sample introduction to identify and evaluate oil source rock and oil-saturated reservoir rock rapidly on-site.

Geochemical evaluation instrument

Thermal Cracking Gas Chromatogram System

The product can analyze light hydrocarbon oil to make peak symmetry selection, which can be used to identify drilling fluid reservoir and calculate production capacity ratio in the development process of oilfield.

Thermal cracking gas chromatogram system