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Drilling Survey Instruments

MWD Wireless

MWD is a positive pulse wireless MWD system. It is not only a set of independent directional well survey tool, but also corollary equipment for mud logging unit (or drilling instrument). It can provide online-services to geologists and directional engineers on well site, and supply reliable and real-time information to rear experts, via communication system, to support their multi-decision.

MWD can realize seamless connection with mud logging unit and drilling instrument and extend data collection of mud logging unit and drilling instrument underground. This kind of integrated-design enables more real-time and faster collection, display, analytical contrast of down well information. It can provide real-time geo-steering guide for horizontal well, multilateral well and extended-reach well.

MWD wireless

  • Professional technique on real-time well depth measurement;
  • Precise on making gamma positioning;
  • Application on combined data analyses, supporting geo steering;
  • Draw a real-time drilling borehole track to be compared with the designed one, which is helpful to the control of borehole track on well site;
  • Directional sensors are more reliable and have a good repeatability of measurement data.

Survey Instruments

Electronic Magnetic Survey Instruments

The product can provide accurate, reliable and real-time measurements of different parameters to control the track of borehole.

Electronic Single/Multi-shot Survey Instruments

The product is a type of inclinometer providing plunged measurement and hanged measurement.

Photographic Inclinometers

Self-floating Photographic Inclinometers

The product is for measuring azimuth and inclination.

Single-shot Photographic Inclinometers

The product is an indispensable survey instrument for angle buildup.