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Well Testing Equipment

Pressure Gauges & Pressure Gauges Calibrator

  • Electronic Memory Pressure Gauges
  • Testing Electronic Pressure Gauges
  • Mechanical Downhole Pressure Gauges
  • Formation Testing Electronic Pressure Gauges
  • Static and flowing gradients;
  • Used in conjunction with tubing conveyed perforating guns to monitor downhole pressures;
  • Long term flow & buildups on producing wells;
  • Drillstem test;
  • Also available in surface readout.

Memory Dynamometers & Dynamometers Calibrator


Truck-mounted & skidded Well Testing Equipment

The truck is suited to test well by using φ2.2 mm,φ2.4 mm,φ2.6 mm andφ2.8 mm logging steel wires. Speed is controlled by open and closed hydraulic system.


Truck-mounted well testing equipment Truck-mounted well testing equipment