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Products & Services - Petroleum Drilling Equipment -Well Control System

Well Control System

Complete range of BOP in accordance with API Spec 6A to ensure annular pressure control, including total well shut-off, meeting all requirements imposed by modern technology, safety operation, high degree of sealing efficiency, quick and easy handling, simple maintenance, reduced weight and dimensions are available.

BOP Stacks

Ram BOPs

The ram BOP has three Structure styles as RSC, RSF and RSH.
Bore size (in): 9-26 3/4.
Working pressure range psi (MPa): 3 000-15 000 (21-105).

Annular BOPs

The annular BOP has two structural styles including Model A and Model D.
Bore size range (in): 7 1/16-21 1/4.
Working pressure range psi (MPa): 3 000-10 000 (21-70).

Rotating BOPs

Rotating BOP is developed for the control of underbalanced drilling. It mainly consists of drilling pipe driver, bearing assembly, sealing rubber, hub assembly and body.

Model RSC ram BOP Model RSF ram BOP Model RSH ram BOP
Model A annular BOP Model D annular BOP Rotating BOP

The Control Systems for Surface-mounted BOP Stacks

The control system for surface-mounted BOP stacks mainly consists of Remote Control Panel, Driller Control Panel, Air Cable, Pipe Racks High-pressure Pipe and Protection House. Its design and manufacture follows SY/T5053.2 standard, and refers to API Spec 16D specifications.

The control systems for surface-mounted BOP stacks

Kill Manifold and Choke Manifold

The choke manifold is necessary to control well-kick & blowout and put the pressure control technology on oil/gas well into force.
The kill manifold is a necessary part in well-control assembly, its function includes as follows:
To pump drilling fluid into well barrel to control the pressure in oil/gas well;
To inject the fresh water into wellhead so as to avoid fire and burn as blowout;
To inject extinguishant into well barrel as blowout and on fire.

  • Executive standard: API SPEC 16C, API SPEC 6A.
  • Working pressure range psi (MPa): 2 000-15 000 (14-105).
  • Nominal bore (in): 2 1/16-5.
  • Material class: EE, FF.
  • Product specification level: PSL2, PSL3, PSL4.

Choke manifold Kill manifold