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Products & Services - Oil Production Equipment -Artificial Lift Equipment

Artificial Lift Equipment

Features & Options:
  • Available in a wide range to meet virtually any well environment and operating conditions (depths, working fluids, flow requirements);
  • Fast and technically simple way of installation;
  • Long service life;
  • Independence from surface equipment.

Pumping Units

Pumping unit is manufactured in according with China National Standard and API Spec 11E.

Pumping units

Sucker Rods

Ordinary sucker rod is manufactured in accordance with API Spec 11B.

Subsurface Pumps

Subsurface pump is manufactured in accordance with china national standard and API Spec 11AX.

Tubing Pumps and Rod Pumps

The applicable tubing pump is larger in size than rod pump in the same tubing.
The rod pump is connected to sucker rod after being assembled on the surface then it is pulled down to the well bottom through the tubing.

Rod pump

Progressive Cavity Pumps (PC Pump)

The PC pump with surface drive is a new type of production equipment, which is consisted with surface drive equipment and downhole progressive cavity pump: PC pump is a positive displacement pump. Daily production can be 56-14 128 ft3.

Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) System

Oil-Tech can offer many kinds of submersible pumps, flow rate range from 706-35 320 ft3, lift range from 1 640-11 480 ft to meet the requirements of users.

PC pump ESP