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Tertiary Recovery Equipment

Polymer Injection Equipment

Polymer injection equipment is mainly used to enhance the recovery of oilfield by dissolving polymer powder and water at certain proportion and injecting the polymer solution into formation to increase oil production. All the key parts of the equipment have optimized design, which can effectively control the rate of shear degradation. The equipment can be either skid-mounted or fixed station type and is mainly consisted of dissolving unit, curing unit, feeding unit, injection unit and automatic control system.


Polymer Injection Pumps

The polymer injection pump has been optimized to solve the problems of mechanical and chemical degradation and to make the retention rate of viscosity reach 97%~98%.It is mainly used for injecting polymer and transporting other mediums in oilfields.

Discharge pressure: 2 300 psi (16 MPa)
Rated flow rate: 2.1-113 ft3 (0.06-3.2 m3/h)

Nitrogen Production and Injection Equipment

Nitrogen has been widely used in oilfields for slug drive, profile adjusting, clean up and heat insulation in stream injection well, lifting, induced flow and puring pipeline, water removal in gas well as well as under-balance drilling.


Nitrogen production and injection equipment (mobile & skid)