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Heavy Oil Production Equipment

The Steam injection is a major technique for heavy oil recovery at present. The steam is produced by steam injection boiler and flows to the steam injection well through steam injection pipe network, passes the thermal recovery wellhead, insulated tubing, expansion joint and thermal packer in turn, then enters and heats the oil layer.

The Steam Injection Boilers

The steam injection boiler is a direct current boiler of forced circulation. This boiler is of sub critical working pressure.


Thermal Recovery Wellhead Assemblies

Thermal recovery wellhead assemblies are specialized wellheads suitable for huff-puff, steam drive, and SAGD, which have the functions of both production and steam injection. By using them, steam with high temperature and high pressure is controlled during steam injection.

Thermal recovery wellhead

This wellhead consists of big cross, tubing hanger flange, choke, small cross and gate valve.

SAGD wellhead

The SAGD (STEAM Assisted Gravity Drainage) wellhead consists of casing flange, big cross, gate valve, thick flange, hanger assembly of coiled tubing and wellhead shut-in equipment.

The steam injection boiler Thermal recovery wellhead SAGD wellhead

Thermal Packer

The thermal packer is mainly used for packing the annulus between the casing and tubing string. It prevents the migration of high temperature/high pressure steam up the well annulus, which helps to avoid the loss of heat and pipe pressure.

Max. working pressure: 2 429 psi (17 MPa)
Max. working temp.: 350℃

Pre-stressed Insulated Tubing

Pre-stressed insulated tubing is one of the important parts in downhole for thermal recovery of heavy oil. The purposes of employing insulated tubing in steam injection are: avoid the damage or distortion of casing and cement sheath under high temperature in the steam injection well, decrease heat loss during steaming process, and inject the heat energy of high temperature and pressure steam to the heavy oil layer maximally.

Expansion Joint

The expansion joint is applied the thermal expansion and compression of the tubing string during steam injection.

Thermal packer Pre-stressed insulated tubing