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Fracturing and Acidizing Equipment

Fracturing Package

A fracturing package, with wide range of selections, including model 800-2 000, consists of fracturing truck, sand blender, instrument van, manifold truck and sand transportation truck.

  • Custom-made fracturing equipment is also available.
  • Its unitized parts are designed according to international standards, and can be interchanged or work together with other fracturing equipment in the world.
  • Several advanced automatic control technologies can be used for its unitized parts so as to ensure precision and reliability.
  • Advanced network control techniques for unitized parts have been developed. Remote manual & network automatic control of fracturing package.
  • Suitable for single fracturing trucks or small-scale fracturing packages with less fracturing trucks.


Fracturing truck Sand blender

Sand Transport Truck and Chemical Liquid Tanker

Chemical liquid tanker is used for transporting hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid liquid. It's mainly equipped with truck (tractor or chassis),liquid tank, drain liquid pipelines and valves, etc. Tank body adopts anti-acid material or steel structure with lining.